1000 Pushups

You might think it's close to impossible to do 1000 pushups in an hour, but it most certainly is not. It's much easier than you would ever imagine. If you can currently do 40 pushups in one set, then it's likely that within only one month, you will be able to do 1000 pushups in an hour. If you can only do 20 pushups in a set, it will take longer, probably between two and three months.

1000 / 60 = 16.666     That means you must do 17 pushups every minute to achieve 1000 pushups in an hour. (17 x 60 = 1020, 17 x 59 = 1003)

A clock that reveals the seconds is the only required equipment. You can use either a digital clock that displays seconds or an analog clock with a revolving second-hand.

The pushup routine is simple. You do a set of 17 pushups at the start of every minute, which takes about 15 seconds giving you a 45-second rest. Repeat the procedure until you can no longer do the 17 pushups; you are then done for the day. Do the routine three days a week and give yourself a rest day between your workout days. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday works well, and gives you the weekends off, but you decide.

The first time you try it, you will likely fail before reaching your 10th set. But on every subsequent attempt you will be able to do more. Progress is slow at first, but the amount you can do increases quickly. It's a lot like compound interest. If on your first attempt, you fail to do the 17 pushups on your 7th set, you will probably fail on your 8th set the second time you try it, and probably fail on the 10th or 11th set the third time.

It will go something like this.

1st attempt - 7 sets

2nd attempt - 8 sets

3rd attempt - 10 sets

4th attempt - 13 sets

5th attempt - 17 sets

6th attempt - 22 sets

7th attempt - 29 sets

8th attempt - 37 sets

9th attempt - 47 sets

10th attempt - 59 sets (1003 pushups) - Congratulations!

Lying on the floor waiting for the seconds to elapse can be a bit boring so you might want to put the television on when you do the routine. Watch the television, but keep glancing at the clock. When the second-hand reaches 58 seconds, get ready to bang out your set. After finishing the set, go back to watching television for the next 45 seconds.

The pushup routine is not difficult. It's almost pleasant because your mind doesn't need to do anything more than it normally does when you watch television. You'll quickly be on automatic pilot. There's no need to psyche yourself up, nor will you procrastinate because as soon as the clock displays 00 seconds, your body will just take over and do the required work. Absolutely no thought is necessary. You don't even need to count your sets because the clock does that for you. If, for example, you start at 8:10 and finish at 8:29 - that means you did 19 sets of 17 pushups, plus the remainder (the amount you did on your last set when you couldn't do the 17).

Reaching your goal of 1000 pushups won't be too difficult, but brag to your friends anyways. They'll be impressed because they won't realize how easy it was to accomplish. - COB

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